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God is calling you to fulfill your purpose as a voice in the earth...
are you ready to answer?


John Eckhardt’s & Kevin Leals Dream Interpretation eCourse is the most comprehensive online course to help you discover the meaning of your dreams, and to further your knowledge on how to interpreting dreams.

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Dreams - The Door Way To Heaven

Dreams are God’s night parables. Interpretation is the act of explaining, reframing, or otherwise showing the understanding of the dreams. 

This eCourse will provide you with fresh revelation and train you to unravel the prophetic riddle in your dreams. It's time to say to understanding your dreams, and experiencing the fullness of your dreams! 

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2 Dream Interpretation Sessions, Pre-Recorded

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14 Audio Teachings “Night Shift - Light in your night”

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I can’t wait for you to discover, learn and be activated in dream interpretation! 

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Lesson 1 — "The Originator & Designer of God's Dreams"

God himself is the originator of dreams. We must be guided by His spirit. God shapes you into His divine nature. 

Dreams are divinely appointed and directed appearances from God to direct, redirect and restore our lives. 

Visions happen in a different way, our eyes are opened to have divine encounters and see into the spiritual realm. These are not daydreams but vision from the heavenly realm. 

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Lesson 2 — "Dreams Are Sent to Your Spirit, Not Your Intellect"

Dreams comes for different seasons. Dream carry the way, the truth, and the life. 

God uses dreams in time of crisis. Expecting God's intervention is a Biblical attitude. God's gift don't come with instructions. Dreams have a spiritual and natural aspect to it. 

Dreams interpretation is part of God's "continual conversation". Dreams, visions, and prophesies requires interpretation.


Lesson 3 — "Unlocking the Prophetic Riddle in Dreams"

Dreams have a language. The natural mind cannot understand spiritual things. Jesus spoke in parables. Parable is a picture language. Nothing increase in the value of a thing, like knowing the purpose of a thing, or knowing the "Why". 

When things are not brought to your attention, they remain invisible to our daily life God gives us. 

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Lesson 4 — "Gods' Continual Conversation"

Dreams are meant to be a part of a continual conversation. Dreams give us access to a heavenly realm. 

To understand the fruit you must understand the root. To value a thing, you have to see its true essence. Personal understanding of the application of a thing increases the value and power of a thing. 


Lesson 5 — "The Dream Giver is The Dream Fulfiller"

The Dream giver is the dream fulfiller. Every conversation Jesus had with the 12 disciples He wants to have with his 21st century disciples. 

God Dreams are what you are prepared to see. You anticipate what you believe is supposed to happen. Faith beings when the will of God is known and expected. 

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Two Live Dream Interpretations w/Kevin Leal & Guests

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Live Dream Interpretation 1

Interpretations bring impartation and visitation! Watch this interpretation as Sonia gets deliverance and filled with the spirit of God as Kevin interprets a dream! 


Live Dream Interpretation 2

Derek Palizay, our producer for this e-course, didn't know that Rodrigo Luna Zablah had a dream about him and his wife prior to filming this e-course. So, he told Kevin Leal and did a surprise interpretation live during the filming!

God works in real time and will blow activating fires into your life when you need it the most!

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Your Instructor — Prophet Kevin Leal

For over 30 years Kevin has been operating as a prophet to the Body of Christ. Kevin’s meetings are marked by an unusual Presence from the Holy Spirit that causes both the leaders and workers to have a ministry awakening!

Don't Treat Your Dreams Like Junk Mail

When you throw away your dreams you are throwing away Blessings from God. We fail to avoid satans traps and we tend to connect to the wrong people. 

Dreams are designed by God to help us avoid pitfalls that our natural mind will fall into

Redeem my Black Friday Deal | Code 'dream'

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