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Fasting for Breakthrough 2024

Some things take fasting and prayer. There is no other way around. There are those kinds of demons that just don’t give up. They are strong, proud, arrogant, and defiant. They are familiar spirits that have been in your family. But you have to get to the point that you don’t care how messed up your family is; you say, “It is stopping with me. This is not going on to another generation. This is it, devil. If my grandmother or grandfather didn’t stand against it, if my mother and father didn’t defeat it, I’m going to defeat it. I refuse to be poor, broke, sick, rejected, messed up. . . . No!


  • January 22nd - 26th
  • 3 LIVE Prayer Sessions and Teaching Sessions 7pm CST/8pm EST 
  • 2 eBooks included! 
  • Super Normal Natural MP3